Corporate Values


Our belief is that business and growth must be governed by the principles and the values that keep the alliance with our people, partners and clients solid. Given that the end-user of our product is the public, the quality of our work is of paramount significance to our practice. Thus, Engineering Ethics form the basis of our decisions.

In our commitment to Engineering Excellence, minimizing the impact of our work on the environment, executing timely our projects and delivering the best cost effective solution to any engineering challenge we face are the key targets of our daily practice.

ADT OMEGA has no affiliations, economic or otherwise, with the public sector nor the private industry. Thus, business impartiality and financial independence allows us to provide reliable, client-tailored services that meet the highest engineering, quality and ethical standards.


In 1999, the common vision of creating a new breed in the Greek engineering consultancy sector brought together already experienced in the field professionals to establish ADT Omega as a firm that will build on the technical background of its founders, develop to compete with international leaders and seek new engineering business and technical challenges at home and abroad. The same vision continues to lead the high management of ADT Omega into exploring new markets and new engineering frontiers.


Based on our fundamental values for a sustainable partnership, our commitment within the project’s framework (Employees - Suppliers - Partners - Clients) is guided by the following basics: Collaboration - Agility - Exploration - Transparency. In applying this philosophy we have distanced ourselves from the trend of “growth to the point of no control” in order to ensure the quality of our product and maintain direct contact with our clients. This decision has enabled us to secure the sustainable relationship we seek with each and every client we have worked for, achieve a human-friendly working environment and provide premium quality engineering consulting services.


The Perfect Team

  • Working with a strong team spirit
  • Establishing a tight collaboration with our clients
  • Equipped with constantly upgraded technological tools & updated with “state of the art” scientific developments
  • Intergrading their experience under the coordination of our team leaders
  • Collaborating in a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving
  • Providing cost effective, qualitative & environmentally friendly solutions for complex projectsEquipped with continually upgraded technology tools and fully updated on the “state of the art” scientific developments in their fields, our staff has an excellent eye for detail and a strong academic background which covers all civil engineering disciplines. To address the requirements and meet the challenges of each project our staff bring together.
  • Comprehensive Experience
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving
  • Professional Attitude
  • Strong Team Spirit

Quality Management System

ADT – OMEGA’s quality management system in the “Elaboration and Management of Designs & Project Management of Technical Works” is certified per EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015.