Special management study for strengthening areas of Athens External Water System with the support of Mornos – Evinos, Municipality of Delphi, Kopaida area, Asopos and Marathon.

  • Client: MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT AND NETWORKS / General Secretariat for Public Works / General Directorate of Hydraulic, Port and Building Infrastructure/Directorate of Water Supply, Sewage Works and Sewage Treatment Works (D18), GREECE
  • Dates: 11/2019 - 10/2021 (expected)
  • Category: WATER
  • Cost: Design Fee 134,989.65 €
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Project Description

Project Description: This Special Management Study which is structured in three main Phases examines:
Α) The terms, conditions and alternatives for water disposal for the irrigation of Amfissa plain of the Municipality of Delphi including the protection of the underground aquifer as well as the determination of the required water resources.
B) Finding the most suitable solution for the improvement and enhancement of the Kopaida field irrigatio s
C) Municipality of Delphi refineries strengthening and investigation of alternative water supply solutions
D) Possible Athens External Water System contribution regarding the problems solution at the Asopos river basin
E) Investigation and proposals formulation for the underground aquifer problems in the area of Marathon – Schinias
F) The terms, conditions and alternatives for satisfying new requests as well as the preservation of available water quantities for the existing consumers (individuals and other authorities) who operate along Athens External Water System
G) Investigation for Mornos – Evinos system strengthening

Design Scope & Services:

  • Calculations of water Demands for several water uses
  • Collection and update data for the Athens External Water System database
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Program of measures and new proposed works
  • Water Balance
  • Water Management

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