Design for landsliding phenomena treatment along NRAC (North Road Axis of Crete)

  • Client: Ministry of Infrastructure Works and Transport / General Secretariat of Infrastructure Works
  • Dates: 07/2019 ~09/2020
  • Category: ROAD
  • Cost: Design Fee 402,400 €
  • Tags:

Project Description

Design of the necessary works for the remedial works on cuts and embankments along NRAC due to heavy rainfalls on winter 2019. (10 locations).

ADTs scope comprises the elaboration of the following design work at selected locations:
- Detailed Road Design
- Detailed Hydrulics Design
- Geological Design
- Geotechnical Investigation and Design
- Cut Design
- Embankment Design
- Landslide Remedial Works Design
- Pilewall Detailed Design
- Safety and Signage
- Tender Documents

Design Scope & Services:

  • Detailed Design for the Road
  • Detailed Design of Culverts
  • Detailed Design of Structures
  • Detailed Hydraulics Design
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Design
  • Safety & Signage Design
  • Tender Documents
  • Topo Survey

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