Thessaloniki Metro Development Study (TMDS) (TSA 402/20)

  • Client: ATTIKO METRO S.A.
  • Dates: 09/2020 ~01/2023
  • Category: RAIL
  • Cost: Design Fee 2,012,270€
  • Tags:

Project Description

Preparation of a new General Transport Study, the Thessaloniki Metro Development Study, which shall determine the trips demand and the need for the construction of the corresponding infrastructure projects in Thessaloniki. The study area includes the Urban Agglomeration of Thessaloniki and the surrounding Suburban Zone.
The scope of Thessaloniki Metro Development Study shall include:

  1. Capturing of the current status governing the operation of transport systems in the Study Area and the attributes or parameters defining the demand and supply of these systems. In particular, the following items are included:
    • Household Survey
    • Stated Preference Survey
    • Recording and Measurements on the Main Road Network and Roadside Surveys
    • Measurements and Surveys in Public Transport Means (Urban Buses, Terminal Stations)

  2. Analysis of the current status and development of the relevant Databases1.

  3. Development of alternative scenarios for transport infrastructure networks.

  4. Development of a Transport Model for the city of Thessaloniki.

Design Scope & Services:

  • Transportation Project Studies

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