Road Safety Audit of the PATHE Motorway sections from Metamorphosi I/C to Loggou I/C (CH10+000 to CH160+000) (Greece)

  • Dates: 2009 - 2010
  • Cost: Services fee: 300,000 €
  • Tags:

Project Description

  • Type of Motorway: Restricted Access
  • Length: 150km
  • Interchanges: 25 at grade separated interchanges
Principal Objectives
  • Survey and recording of existing motorway assets (signs, crash barriers etc.)
  • Analysis of accident records, identification of high risk locations and proposal of remedial measures
  • Review of speed limits on the basis of road geometry, operational speed counts and accident patterns
  • Inspection of motorway conditions, identification of potential safety problems and proposals of remedial measures

Design Scope & Services:

  • Accident analysis
  • Land Surveying
  • Review of Operational speed limits study
  • Road Safety Audit (RSA)

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